“You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough.”

– Joe E. Lewis

The New Era Youth camp (NEYOCA) is a unique coeducational, residential facility that caters for youths aged 7-17 in a secure and first class setting comparable to the world’s best youth camps.

NEYOCA was established specifically to provide access and opportunities for young people in Africa and the rest of the world to enjoy a time away from home, in the company of other young people from other cultures, share experiences, imbibe team and leadership values, learn and be mentored by experienced leaders who have made a mark in their different fields of endeavour.

To build and nurture confident youth who shall build change in their individual contexts.

Supporting youth to achieve their highest potential through targeted educational and leisure activities.

Play, Learn, Grow
In school, you get to learn Mathematics, Algebra, chemistry, Physics, Geography, History and Commerce and various other import subject areas. These subjects may help you secure a job in the future. Maybe or may not. But what we offer at NEYOCA is a headstart in life. We offer a global and moral view that helps you understand OUR WORLD in the new Millenium.

We live in a rapidly globalising, technologically innovative and competitive world. It is not just about school grades and cramming to pass exams. You need to get your foot in, and find a place to stand. At NEYOCA, we support you to become an achiever. We provide the opportunity for you to learn, laugh and live.

You get to meet other young people from other cultures; you get acquainted, exchange ideas and learn to trust each other, connect – a relationship is born. Who knows you may yet meet across the floor of the United Nations in the next decade or so. And when you do, the eyes tell the story of the first meeting at NEYOCA.

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